Linda Flynt Presents...

"A Super Easy Way to Sign Up Clients WITHOUT Strategy Sessions"

Presented by Linda Flynt

Linda Will Share With You...

  • How to set up an email system that consistently brings you clients
  • How to grow a big audience so you have plenty of prospects waiting to work with you
  • How to design a custom marketing plan for your business
  • Where to find the magic marketing words that make prospects eager to work with you
  • How to make your offers so irresistible clients easily say Yes
  • How to put all this together to build a very profitable coaching practice that makes a huge impact

Save Time

Change Lives

No need to waste time on strategy sessions because prospects will raise their hand to work with you 

Spend your time coaching, not marketing

About Linda

Linda has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to help them build successful businesses. Some of the people she worked with said they would have abandoned their business if not for the work they did with her.

For the last 6 years, Linda has been helping coaches get clients simply by sending emails.

Here's what coaches are saying

I'm writing my emails from an inspired place! I have you to thank, Linda, because I keep using your coaching tips and that's what gets me there. It's quite a simple concept that you gave me.

Sylvia Moss

Author and Sound Healer

Linda, I'm so happy you're finally teaching coaches how to get clients with email copy - since 2015 this has pretty much been my only strategy for getting clients and I've enrolled hundreds this way. Coaches will be thrilled with this proven and effective way to get clients WITHOUT strategy sessions - and they've got a great coach showing them how!

Rob Goyette

In the couple of months that I've worked with Linda, my business has improved tremendously. I am more confident and love my business again!

Doris Elksnis

Sales Director