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"I'm writing my emails from an inspired place! 

I have you to thank, Linda, because I keep using your coaching tips and that's what gets me there. 

It's quite a simple concept that you gave me."

Stunningly Simple Strategy to
Sign up Clients  

If you've struggled to sign up clients, your going to love this simple new marketing strategy

I learned this strategy from my daughter Sara. It's highly effective, graceful and high vibration.

Sara doesn’t know that she's great at selling, but she is.

What she sold was… herself.

This is what it looks like

She wanted an engineering job at a particular company - her dream job!

The hiring process takes some time and every week when I saw her I asked “How's it going with the job?”

She said, "The interview went great! I followed up with a phone call on Tuesday and then Wednesday and then Friday but I haven't heard back yet."

The next weekend when I asked about the job, she said "Yay! They made a verbal offer! But they haven't yet put anything in writing. I called on Tuesday and then Wednesday and then Friday."

Finally Sara connected with her interviewer who said "I'm so glad you called! I've been really busy. I'm working on your paperwork and will send your offer soon."

no stories

Notice that Sara was completely casual about all the following up.

No worries about bothering someone.

No doubts about if she deserves the job.

No waiting around for someone else to call her.

This will get you clients and signups

Just 4 simple steps.

The Stunningly Simple Strategy to Sign up Clients has four steps:

  • 1.  Make Your Offer
  •  2.  Follow up
  •  3.  Follow up again
  •  4.  Repeat Step 3

The first step is to make your offer. Let your ideal know how you can help them. Speak in a way that is clear, compelling and conveys excitement.

WooHoo! Just thinking about your offer is exciting!

An easy way to make your offer is with email. You don’t even have to have a sales page.

After you make your offer, follow up 3 - 5 times.

That's what Sara did.

It's a Stunningly Simple Strategy…that works.

Simple But not always easy

The strategy is simple but not always easy.

The first step is to make your offer. Write an email.

Perhaps you've tried to sell with email but had poor results.

You don’t know what to say.

Or you're not sure what to offer. (Hint: You'll want it to be an easy YES! for your reader.)

Or maybe you haven't had the nerve to actually send an offer email.

Even the technology aspects can be intimidating.

No worries, I can help with all that

My Craft Emails that Sell program is NOT a coaching program.

It’s a Get It Done program. Together, side by side, you and I:

  • decide exactly what offer to make so that it’s a no-brainer-yes for your ideal client
  • outline the irresistible offer email in a way that connects with and inspires your ideal client 
  • plan the followup emails so your ideal client is supported through the process of saying YES!

You’ll get your own private copywriting lessons as we work together on your emails. You’ll learn tips and techniques that you can use on every future email you write!

Here's What You'll Receive

You'll get a complete, professionally written email campaign to sell your chosen product or service to your ideal client.

You'll also get private email-writing training so you can continue to make irresistible offers to your list as often as you'd like.

All for under $500. 

  • A 60 Minute Planning Session - we'll take the time to create an enticing offer that your ideal client will want to say "Yes!" to
  • A 4-email campaign - We'll plan and write each email so that it speaks to the heart of your ideal client 
  • Well designed, powerfully written emails - We'll use effective Subject Lines so that your emails are opened and the content will lovingly reach your clients' pains, hopes and dreams so that they'll be eager to say YES! to your offer
  • Unlimited Email Critiques -  Once the emails are written, I'll go over each one with you to fine tune  and perfect it so that your ideal client will find it irresistible
  • Tech Support -  I'll guide you through any technical issues you struggle with, to get your emails loaded up and ready to send to your list

Craft Emails That Sell

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  • 1:1 Guidance
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    60 Minute Planning Session to create an enticing offer for your ideal clients
  • Ready to Send, Professional Email Campaign (includes 4 Emails) to get your clients to 'Yes!'
  • Email-writing training you'll use in your biz every time you want to serve clients and make money

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