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Join us for a month of live hot-seat coaching calls to help you grow your business and sign up clients without strategy sessions - it really can be done!

We cover practical issues related to building your list and signing up clients. You decide what you'd like to address on these calls,

You can ask questions live or submit them ahead of each call. Calls are relaxed, fun and filled with conversation and masterminding.

Calls will be recorded. I'll send you the call recordings, so if you can't make the call live, you'll still get answers to your questions.

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Hot Seat Coaching Blew Me Away!

Ronnie Ryan- energy coach

I attended Linda’s Hot Seat Coaching today and blew me away! She gave me some great insights about writing for my clientele. We went through some copy and Linda shared helpful feedback and creative ideas as well. Brilliant! She’s quick on her feet and gets to the point. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to work with Linda.

About Linda 

Hello from Linda. In case you're curious, here's a bit about me:

I'm a seasoned entrepreneur who understands the challenges that coaches face as they work to build their business and sign up clients.

Having spent a many years as a corporate software developer, I successfully created and sold a popular software program of my own. However, in those days, I found marketing to be intimidating and distasteful and I avoided it as much as I could.

But I discovered that by avoiding marketing, I did a disservice to people who needed my software and couldn't find me.

Eventually, I realized that, in the right context, marketing is a wonderful and satisfying thing.

As an introvert, I specialize in email marketing—an approach that resonates with my personality and communication style.

I recently created the “Super Easy Client Sign Up System” because I'm passionate about guiding coaches like you to effortlessly connect with their audience and find the magic words that inspire subscribers to say “Yes!” to their offers.

I look forward to getting to know you!