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Sign up Clients Without Strategy Sessions

 7 Step Super Easy

Client Sign up Formula

The Super Easy Client Sign Up Formula is a simple step by step system that helps you build a steady of flow clients into your business.

No matter how you go about selling your coaching programs, getting a "Yes"  always requires two basic elements: The Two Steps to Yes. Actually, selling anything requires these two basic elements.

Whether you're selling a house, your car or a coaching program, The Two Steps to Yes must be present in order to make the sale.

The Two Steps To Yes

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    An Irresistible Offer

The Super Easy Client Sign Up Formula helps you implement The Two Steps To Yes to sell your coaching programs. And you can sign up clients without strategy sessions.

If you think about strategy sessions – they simply are the process of carrying out those Two Steps To Yes. You get on a call to build trust and then transition into an irresistible coaching offer.

Strategy sessions can be undesirable because it takes a certain amount of skill and practice to manage these calls successfully. And when you’re stressing about all the details that you have to get right in the strategy session, it can be hard to build trust and present your offer in an irresistible way.

Plus, for each strategy session, you invest a lot of time, hoping to get just one client.

To Sign Up Clients Without Strategy Sessions, Use Email to build Trust and make your Irresistible Offer

Now that you understand that it’s trust and an irresistible offer that makes the sale on strategy sessions, it makes sense that you could accomplish the same thing with email.

This method is Just as effective, but faster and a whole lot easier.

And a natural fit for introverts, or for any coach who wants to save time by only speaking with clients who have paid first.

You can sign up clients via email IF you follow some steps, and do them in the right order.

Step One  Create Your 'Visionary Action Plan' to confirm your niche, set your revenue goals and clarify how you'd like to spend time in your business. This Step is all about YOU.

Step Two  This step is about your audience. Define what they really want so you know what will make them eager to sign up (and pay you) to work with them. When you know this, you can sell to them with just emails (and yes, this really works).

Step Three   Package your programs to make your offers so irresistible that your prospects will pay you handsomely for your coaching and other programs. I suggest creating three different packages and sell just one each month. This way, you always have something to sell but you're not repeating your offers more than once each quarter.

Step Four  Grow your list to give you plenty of prospects in the wings waiting to work with you whenever you want to bring in new clients (there are more clients out there than you can possibly work with, it's just a matter of getting in front of them).

Step Five  Nurture your list to develop trust with your subscribers as they learn from you and come to know you as the expert who can help them solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Step Six  Sell your programs so you can finally have a very profitable coaching practice, build financial security and make a big impact on the lives of your clients, all without strategy sessions!

Step Seven  Schedule and Send Emails: This is where you get your steady flow of income, month after month. Every month, send your subscribers one of your irresistible offers via email. This is all planned in advance with the system so that you’re not scrambling every month to figure out what to sell and how to sell it.

That's it, Coaches!

Just 7 simple steps to sign up clients from behind your keyboard, in a matter of days, without wasting time on strategy sessions or complicated marketing funnels.

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