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A Client’s False Premise: How to Handle This Tricky Marketing Catch-22

By Linda Flynt

February 8, 2024

If your ideal prospects have a desire that's based on a flawed premise, how would you handle that in your marketing message? 

For example, the concept of "true love." Some coaches feel "true love" is a misperception and teach their clients a different premise altogether.

If your prospects are operating under a false premise, It may seem to be more authentic to tell them the truth right up front so that you aren't giving them bad information.

But marketing, like coaching is about meeting the client where they are, not where they should be. If a prospect yearns for true love, our role as both a coach and a marketer is to acknowledge that desire and create messaging that resonates with it.

Marketing is about focusing on what the client wants. This doesn't mean compromising your values but rather meeting clients at the entry point of their journey with you.

Think of it as inviting them into a conversation about what they desire – in this case, true love. By aligning your marketing with their immediate goals, you establish a connection and trust, making it more likely for them to sign up for your coaching programs.

Once they're in your coaching program, you can guide them to a broader perspective that, in your expert opinion is in their best interest and will get them to what they really want.

Effective marketing is meeting clients where they are, highlighting what they want, and gradually introducing them to deeper truths in a supportive and respectful manner.

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