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A Reliable Copy Tip That Will Get Your Emails Read

By Linda Flynt

February 1, 2024

One of the goals of your copy is to get your readers' attention and help them identify themselves as a good match for you and your services.

You can do that in your emails by addressing their problems and pains exactly the way they talk about them. Use the same words they use. Talk about what their problems cause them to experience. You can also address the emotions those experiences bring up.

For example, a coach who helps clients get fit, could describe a situation where the client experiences their lack of fitness. Maybe they’re out of breath when climbing stairs and they feel embarrassed when they get to the top because they’re huffing and puffing. This makes them feel old and they wish they had the discipline to get fit again.

See how that describes both an experience and emotions? You can actually visualize that scene.

When you write to your subscribers in a way that they see themselves in your words almost as if they’re looking in a mirror, their response is called “self-selection”. 

It’s a very good thing when someone decides that they are a good fit for you.

 Once they’ve self-selected it’s easy for them to choose to be your client when you present them with an irresistible offer.

When you write copy (or ask chatGPT to write copy), remember to:

1) use your subscribers’ words
2) write about their experiences
3) mention the emotions those experiences cause

If you'd like help putting this and other copy tips to work to bring you clients via email (without strategy sessions), I invite you to consider laser coaching with me. 

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