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Copy Tip For Coaches: Set The Stage

By Linda Flynt

December 29, 2023

As your reader begins to read your copy, they're taking a step into your world. Here's the thing: you’ve likely put a lot of thought into whatever you’re writing about, but they're just taking a first look.

Their head? It’s somewhere else entirely.

The first thing to do is take them by the hand and escort them into your content by setting the tone and providing context.

For example, your lead magnet: It’s your reader’s first experience of you. Set the stage by including a brief intro right after the cover page.

  • Congratulate them for their decision to take a look at your info
  • Remind them of the benefit or result that you promised they’ll get
  • Paint a picture of how it'll make things better
  • Tell them how to put your info to use.

Once the stage is set, they'll be all ears for the specific info that you have to share.

Note: Because you put so much thought into your message, it’s a good idea to put it aside once you've finished writing. Come back the next day, with a fresh brain and read it again. This will help you get a fresh perspective that’s similar to the state of mind of your reader. (I wrote this post yesterday, then came back today and cleaned it up a bit before posting.)

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