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Copy Tip for Coaches: Emotion Inspires Action

By Linda Flynt

January 2, 2024

Have you ever wondered why some copy engages your readers, while other falls flat? Effective copy always creates an emotional connection with the reader, and here’s why:

Humans, including you, me and your potential clients, make decisions with emotion and justify those decisions with logic. So, when crafting your copy, tap into your reader’s emotions.

This means that writing effective copy is very much like coaching a client.

The Power of Empathy:

As a coach, your superpower lies in empathy—the ability to understand and appreciate your client's emotions. Empathy is not only a coaching skill; it's also your marketing superpower. By understanding and connecting with your clients' struggles, dreams, and desires, you can craft copy that inspires your audience to action.

Tips for Empathy Powered Copy:

  • Go Beyond Facts: Draw your reader’s attention to the emotional impact of their pain points and dreams by describing real-life situations. Be sure to include the feelings these situations cause. If you aren’t sure of the emotional impact, ask yourself, "Why is this situation wonderful (or undesirable)?"
  • Speak Their Language: Use words that your audience uses when talking about their problems and dreams.
  • Tell Mini-Stories: Paint a vivid picture of your audience’s experience, including both the situation and its accompanying emotion. This is effective when you address their problems as well as when you describe the transformation your services provide.
  • Include an Example: Share a testimonial, case study or personal experience that tugs at the heartstrings. End the story on a high note with the client's win, and remember to include the emotional impact of that win.

Remember, when your words evoke emotions, you inspire action.  

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