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Copy Confidence: A Mindful Approach to Anxiety-Free Marketing

By Linda Flynt

January 11, 2024

Do you ever feel a little anxious when crafting your marketing messages? That subtle marketing stress can unintentionally seep into your copy, affecting how clients perceive your offers. Take a moment to get calm and confident before you start writing – it can make a world of difference.

Here's a quick guide to boost your marketing mojo:

Speak Their Language: Use the words your prospects use when they talk about their challenges and dreams. This takes pressure off you to figure out what to say, and builds an instant connection with your reader.

Discover Your Message: Ask yourself what your clients struggle with and how your coaching helps. Take off your marketing hat and just talk about what’s in your heart. I call the result “marketing gold”. Your answer will project an air of expertise, confidence, and inspiration in your message.

Mindfulness Practices: Include one or more of these practices for further inspiration.

  • Breath: Ground yourself with mindful breathing. Inhale positivity, exhale tension, and center your message's purpose.
  • Visualize Success: Close your eyes and picture your ideal client feeling completely understood and finding hope and inspiration in your message. Envision the transformation they’ll experience after working with you. This visualization radiates a positive energy that will radiate through your copy.
  • Gratitude Boost: Take a moment to appreciate what you're grateful for. By infusing yourself with this positive energy as you write, you‘re message will resonate with your ideal clients.

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